Increase your manufacturing and storage capacity fast without the costly renovations or moving to a new facility!  Mezzanines allow you to utilize the maximum height of your warehouse and double or triple the surface area.


-  Installation is quick, clean and easy


-  Custom designs fit any existing warehouse layout and budget


-  Compatible with a variety of shelving or storage systems


When designing a Mezzanine, it is important to consider the access-ways, work systems, products, and handling methods in order to plan accurately. Mezzanines may be completely disassembled; the parts re-used; and the structure, dimensions, and location easily modified.


The versatility of a Mezzanine and its components allow for the addition of storage space, changing rooms, offices, and more to already existing or brand new spaces. Accessories such as stairs, hand rails, vertical lifts, gates, and security cages can be incorporated to improve safety and facilitate product movement from one floor to another. The wide range of sizes, floor types, and construction systems mean that Mezzanines can be adapted to meet any specific need.


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