Alliance Plastics


Applying stretch film or shrink wrap to pallets is a crucial step toward protecting your inventory and your investment. Don't lose out on important shipments due to water damage or debris. Stretch wrap ensures your shipments stay protected and pallets remain stabilized throughout each step of delivery.


Although strapping tape and shipping straps work well for holding packages together, stretch film is a faster, more economical solution to package stabilization. Most shrink wrap comes on a handheld dispenser roll and can be unwound and applied by simply walking around a pallet. Shrink film features a high-tensile-strength, self-adhering design that easily clings to itself, eliminating the need for tape and heat sealants.


Most shrink wrap is extremely tear, puncture and temperature resistant to safeguard products from dust, dirt and moisture. Choose opaque stretch film roll to conceal shipments in just 1 pass, or go with standard clear cling to keep packages visible.


Whether your company's shipments are compact and narrow or towering and broad, there's a shrink film option to suit your needs.