-  Easiest bolted pallet racking system to install


-  Adjustable on 3" Vertical Centers


-  Rigid Bolted Connection


-  No possibility of the beam accidentally disengaging when tightened to 90 foot-

  pounds of torque


-  Front end only installation


-  Greater elevation consistency and tighter tolerances throughout the pallet rack

  structure, helping insure long-term durability and plumbness.


-  T Bolt uprights are available in both open section and SuperPost closed tube

  with all-welded construction and UNARCO’s miter-cut bracing.


-  UNARCO can design a T-Bolt pallet rack system to meet any capacity or seismic



-  Manufacturing capabilities of continuous lengths of up to 40′ and splicing

  channels for taller systems make T-Bolt a smart answer to engineered systems

  or multi-level Pick Module projects.